No more buying expensive cameras or taking hours tagging events in software programs. With Ruggo you just need a phone or tablet to capture game events right next to the field. Its convenient and mobile and saves you a lot of time and money.

Ruggo is a ‘progressive web application’ that works on any phone, tablet or laptop. You do not download anything because it works in your Chrome or Safari Browser. This means you can use any device anywhere in the world to sign into your Ruggo account and score games.

We know that coaches go a bit mental next to the pitch, and dont have the time to count match events. We developed Ruggo to allow an outside person (assistant coach/teacher/parent etc) to generate stats, while allowing the coach to view stats at the same time!

What’s the point of match analysis if you can only study it after the match? On Ruggo you get your stats at half time, so you can make changes based on the information you gather on the app during the first half!

Ruggo tracks your entire season, allowing you to spot trends and build a clear picture of your teams’ strengths and weaknesses. Now you can develop training sessions based on real information, and share with players their progress from game to game.

If you use Ruggo to generate stats, your supporters can automatically follow your game scores and basic stats. Parents at work or grandparents far away will never again wonder what the score is. Our timer and territory/possession stats also gives them a clear idea about the game – not just the score.